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Website Design Services in BC

We make websites for clients all over BC. Our customers are in Prince George, Quesnel, 100 Mile House, Mackenzie, Burns Lake, Chilliwack, Kelowna, Penticton, Summerland, Vanderhoof, and around the world. Our web design roots in these communities goes back over 15 years! We look forward to working with you if you are in PG, Vancouver, Spuzzum, or anywhere else.

Are you "price conscious"? Don't worry, we still love you! We'll do our best to give you a website that works for you at a price that does too. While the cost is really very dependent the particulars of what we build, most of our customers end up paying us between $70 and $100 per month on a 3 year contract. We think that is quite affordable! Our prices are 'All Inclusive' and include the design, setup, training, support, hosting and domain name registration. Yes, we know you "know a guy" who can do it for a hundred bucks and a case of beer. Frankly we will do a better job than he will. Do you really want your customers first impression created by a guy who takes payment in beer?

Our Team

We know that the last "techy" you worked with was a werewolf who spoke Klingon; we are just a couple of regular guys who are good at making websites. We promise we'll try to speak English and explain things clearly. No promises if it is a full moon though.


Jeff Paetkau

Jeff Paetkau

Owner & Sr. Web Developer
778.763.1337 ext 2007

Jeff has been building websites for 20 years and is learning continuously. Websites have come a long way since 2003 when Jeff first started building websites. Back then we were all still using IE version 6, Firefox was brand new, and Chrome or iOS didn't even exist. Jeff has been continuously keeping up with this changing landscape. Over the years Jeff has been involved with all aspects of website creation. At the moment, Jeff's primary role making sure everything keeps running smoothly from the technology, to customer relationships, to staff, to the business aspects. Of course, he also still does his share of actually building websites too :)

Jeff is always trying and starting new things. In 2018 he founded a small fruit tree company, Prince George Fruit (no longer operating) and in 2019 with his wife started a new church in Prince George called Broken Bread.

If you have any questions about anything, Jeff is always more than happy to help.


Hugh Armstrong

Hugh Armstrong

Web Developer
778.763.1337 ext 9398

Hugh joined the ABC Web Link team in early 2022 as part of our paid intern program. He handles all our domain name registration, DNS, email accounts, and much of our primary customer support.

A Brief History

Our history goes back to 1989 when ABC Communications was founded in Quesnel as a supplier of office telephone systems. By 1996 ABC had opened an office in Prince George (through purchases of PG Online and WebStar5) and expanded its services into web design and other web services. ABC continued to grow into Mackenzie, Penticton, Kelowna, 100 Mile House, Burns Lake, Vanderhoof and Vancouver. In 2007, ABC began branding the department as ABC Web Link.

Jeff Paetkau joined ABC in 2005 as the junior "webbie". As he gained experience he moved up to senior web developer and eventually became the ABC Web Link department manager. Then in 2014 Jeff's company, Paetkau Enterprises, purchased ABC Web Link from ABC Communications and now runs it as an independent company.